Zemba Bros., Inc. operates hydro-excavation units which are truck mounted, portable, self-contained vacuum systems. Each truck consists of a large vacuum pump with a hydraulic boom and an 8” suction hose that enables the truck to work from the sides of the roadway, wall, pit or tank to clean such objects as catch basins, culverts, bins, etc.

Zemba Bros Hydro Excavation Services

Emergency Response Command Unit

Our Emergency Response Command Center Unit allow our team to quickly respond to environmental spills, accident scene clean-up and commercial facility clean-up. Contact us 24/7 for your emergency needs.


On the Job-Site

Hydro excavators are also equipped with a high pressure water jetting system. While utilizing the vacuum it is used to loosen the materials to be removed as needed with no residual damage to the structure being cleaned. This system has proven itself time and again when locating existing buried utilities ahead of our trenching crews during pipeline installation projects. The water jetting cuts into the soils and in turn, the loosened soils are vacuumed out exposing any buried utilities or structures. This hydro-excavation system alleviates the possible damage that could occur when using backhoes or shovels to perform the same task.

We also have mobile push and robotic camera units that can inspect the interior conditions of pipe usually after jetting. These cameras will reveal possible reasons for pipe replacement or an explanation for reoccurring blockages. The inspection can be recorded on DVD for retained record and verification. This system will easily inspect and record pipes ranging from 3” up to and including 48”. This system also has the capability of locating a blockage or pipe directions change from above ground, which in turn can be identified by markings for potential excavation in the event the system is repaired or replaced.


  • Truck Mounted Hydro Excavation Units
  • Self-Contained Vacuum System Hydro Excavation Units
  • Vacuum Trucks
  • Hydraulic Boom Vacuum Trucks
  • High Pressure Water
  • 8” Suction Hose


  • Pit Tanks
  • Cleaning Catch Basins
  • Culverts
  • Bins
  • Loosens Materials
  • Locates Existing Buried Utilities
  • Alleviates the Possible Damage from Shovels or Backhoes
Zemba Bros Hydro Excavating Dollar General Site Prep
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