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From pumping a grease trap / grease interceptor to hydro jet plumbing, you can rely on us that we will provide you with a team of qualified technicians to satisfy your needs. We work with food servicing establishment with all their kitchen related needs. If you require any kind of kitchen related services such as: grease trap or grease interceptor pumping, hydro jet plumbing, we will provide professional assistance at low competitive price points.

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Licensed in the state of Ohio, Zemba Bros., Inc. provides grease / used cooking oil collection and recycling services for restaurants and food manufacturing facilities. Whether you require an on demand or scheduled pick up service, we will accommodate to your needs.


Grease trap is a gravity device that traps the grease and solids before entering the sewer lines. Grease traps are typically located inside the facility varying in sizes that are typically 50 gallons or below. Due to its small capacity content level, they are usually serviced between 2-8 weeks. Depending on the amount of content going through the device this will determine how often the grease trap will be serviced.


When it comes to FSE's (Food Servicing Establishments) the grease interceptor is basically the heart of the facility. Failing to properly clean or completely pump out the interceptor can lead to major problems such as kitchen drain back up or grease interceptor overflow. Most municipalities will require interceptors to be pumped when it reaches 25-30% of combined grease and solid content or at least every 6 months. Call us today for a quote.


Our hydro jet plumbing service thoroughly cleans and restores the pipelines to nearly its original condition. The process uses high power pressure of up to 3,800 PSI at approximately 12-15 gallons per minute to blast away stubborn blockage that is residing inside the pipelines. Hydro jet plumbing service is typically suggested to be done every 9-12 months to eliminate any slow drains or major blockage that is present. Blast away years of buildup and schedule a hydro jet service today.

DEGREASER - Floating Lift Station Degreaser

Lift Stations and Grease Traps can be a nightmare to keep clean! Degreaser can make your life a lot easier.

Degreaser is made form 100% all-natural orange peel oil. We do not add ANYTHING to this natural oil, therefore, the D-Limonene content is extremely high. This is a highly-effective and all-natural solution for covering offensive odors and eliminating grease accumulation on lift station walls, pumps & floats. It will eliminate odors and the need for costly pump-outs in restaurants and related institutions with grease traps when used as part of a monthly maintenance program.

Product Features
  • Utilizes pure oil containing a high purity of D-Limonene.
  • Blocks odors by floating on top of the water locking in the offensive smell and emitting a pleasant citrus aroma.
  • Quickly dissolves grease and oils by acting as an all-natural solvent. While floating on the surface, the oil will coat the walls to break down grease, oils, sludge and fats.
  • Great for grease traps, lift stations, sewer lines and septic tanks.
  • Our product doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals or alkalines, meaning it’s much safer for the environment.

Great For Grease Traps, Lift Stations, Sewer Lines and Septic Tanks

Degreaser uses a non-emulsifying formula so that it floats on the surface of the water to block offensive odors. As the water rises and falls, Degreaser coats the surfaces of the lift station and removes heavy grease deposits from the walls. The biodegradable formula will not interfere with the biological digestion of existing bacteria.

Strong D-Limonene D-Limonene is a very effective, naturally occurring, biodegradable solvent and degreaser, extracted from the peel of oranges. Our D-Limonene is produced b y collecting juices from the orange citrus peel during a cold press extraction to preserve a higher purity.

  • Pleasant Citrus
  • Smelly Odors
  • Blocks Odors

Our product floats on top of the water to clean the walls and floats. Because the thick, dense, orange oil separates from the water and floats on the surface, Degreaser keeps odors in – not out. This will help keep offensive odors in and a fresh citrus aroma out.

Quickly Dissolves Grease and Oils

D-Limonene is also known as “mother nature’s degreaser.” It has grease cutting properties by acting as a solvent to help clean walls. Our formula is made into an orange oil, it coats the walls of the container and breaks down grease, oils and fats.

No Harsh Chemicals

Our floating lift station degreaser contains no harsh chemicals or alkalines because the main ingredient (D-Limonene) comes from cold pressed orange oils. You won’t have to worry about our formula interfering with the biological digestion of existing bacteria either.

Grease Trap Application Instructions
  • 100 to 250 Gal. Capacity = 32 oz. every week
  • 250 to 500 Gal. Capacity = 5 oz. every 7 to 10 days
  • 500 to 1000 Gal. Capacity = 1 Gallon every 7 to 10 days

Instructions for Lift Stations

1. Calculate the lift station’s square foot of surface area. For circular lift stations do Length x Width / 2 = Surface Area. For square lift stations do Length x Width = Surface Area.
2. Pour in the right amount of Degreaser product into the lift station. One square foot of surface area equals a half gallon of product. So if your lift station is 1000 square feet, you’ll need 500 gallons of Degreaser.
3. Maintain cleanliness of your lift station every 2-3 months. Simply just pour in more product every 2-3 months for maintenance.


Don’t let grease get out of control.

Clean your grease trap, drain line or septic system easily with Zemba Liquid Enzyme. Our multi-strain bacterial solution eliminates fats, oils, grease, starches and protein in high-use drain lines and eliminates terrible odors within a matter of hours.

Just pour the proper amount down the drain or in the trap on a routine basis. That’s it. Zemba Liquid Enzyme makes maintenance that easy.

Product Features
  • Zemba Liquid Enzyme breaksdown grease, fats, oils, starches, proteins, cellulose and other food waste.
  • Eliminate odors associated with grease traps and drain lines.
  • Promote separation of water phase from FOG phase, thanks to de-emulsifying surfactant.
  • Increase efficiency of grease traps by allowing bacteria to work more effectively.

How Does It Work?

Zemba Liquid Enzyme uses lipase enzymes to break down oil and grease molecules, which are then digested by bacteria. While the lipase enzymes are at work, Zemba Liquid Enzyme releases free fatty acids, lowering the pH level into the environment to create harsh conditions for the bacteria.

After Zemba Liquid Enzyme works its magic, all that’s left is a clean grease trap, septic tank or collection system. It’s that simple. Say goodbye to grease, sludge, fats, food waste, oils and paper.

Maintenance has never been this easy. Clean out grease traps and collection systems with one all-in-one product. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars with a specialty janitorial company. With Zemba Liquid Enzyme, the solution is in your hands. Eliminate grease, sludge, fats and oils instantly with our smart, biodegradable, multi-strain solution.

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